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For the safety and happiness of my dog. NADAC always has your dog's safety in mind. There is no teeter, back sides, threadles, tire, table, board jump and long jumps (triple or double jumps).
They have regular jumps, tunnels, dog walk, a-frame, weaves, hoops and barrels.
This is a team sport where the handler and dog moves around the course either by running with your dog or from a distance or a combination of both. The courses are fluid. Young and old can play NADAC.
The levels are Intro, Novice, Open and Elite. Dogs under 18 months and over 15 months must be in Intro with a max jump height of 16" and no weaves so not to hurt the young dogs bones. (Except for Weavers class)
Any dog can start in Intro or Novice, as long as the age requirement is met. NADAC offers discounts for Junior handlers with free registration to NADAC.
The courses they offer: Regular, Jumpers, Chances, Touch and Go, Tunnelers, Grounders, Weavers and Gamblers.
For more information visit the NADAC website.
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