Trial Information

October 24, 2020: Go Rover Go, Marysville, IN

Raindate: October 25, 2020

Outdoor, Grass Surface, Fenced In Ring

 RuFF will be hosting a fundraiser Show N Go and/or NADAC VT Run event.

Proceeds will help RuFF with replacement equipment.

Location: 10517 Lena Bower Road, Marysville, IN, 47141-9201

You may park and crate in the grassy area outside the fence.  Pop-ups/Canopies are allowed.

There will not be an official judge onsite, see below for run options.

We will need everyone's help working 

Cost: $5/run/dog (cash, check, PayPal).  Additional donations will be accepted.

The Runs: We will offer 3 levels (Elite, Open, Novice) of 4 courses - Regular, Chances, Touch N Go, and Jumpers.  

  • Day of show sign up only.

  • We will NOT have early entry forms or a sign-up ahead of time.

  • Sign up will be at the gate.

  • One run per dog per course.  If attendance is small, we will open up a second round of the same course for those interested.

Format, 2 Options:

  • Option 1: You can do a VT run for a potential Q

    • You will bee responsible for having someone video your run from the time the leash is off to the time the leash is back on​.

    • The first two runs of a VT course are the ones to submit  for review.  Subsequent runs may be used for practice.

    • Contacts must be clearly visible form the camera angle and the entire run must be clearly visible from start to finish.

    • The dog must come to the start line with a leash on, run with no collar, and leave the course area on leash, without tugging or getting treats.

    • After the fundraiser, you would need to submit/upload your video (with payment of $10 per run) online to NADAC.  

    • See

  • Option 2: You can use the ring as a Show-N-Go practice time

    • You do not have to have a NADAC number to run.​

    • You will have 60 seconds of ring time with your dog to work on whatever you wish!

The schedule:

  • We will have something like a schedule.

  • Crate set up 9-9:45am

  • Walk through Elite Regular 9:45-10am

    • Elite will run 10-10:45am​

    • Open will run 10:55am-11:15am

    • Novice will run 11:25-11:50am

  • Touch-N-Go will run 12-1:30pm

  • Elite Chances 1:45-2:30pm

  • Open Chances 2:40-3:00pm

  • Novice Chances 3:10-3:40pm

  • Elite Jumpers 3:50-4:40pm

  • Open Jumpers 4:40-5pm

  • Novice Jumpers 5:10-5:40pm

  • Clean and Pack up at 5:45pm. 

  • If you are not coming for the entire day, please show up earlier than the listed times to run the courses you want.

  • Please plan on helping us work the trial - we will need ring crew, leash runners, etc. to make this work.

COVID Precautions

  • Maintain social distance.

  • Masks must be worn when closer than 6 feet minimum to someone else.

  • Masks will be required for walk-throughs, course building, and for ring crew/leash runner.

  • Masks are not required when you run your dog..

  • You may either leave your leash on the ground (leash runner will use a pick up stick to grab your leash) OR you may tuck the leash into your pocket at long as it is not visible to your dog when you run (your dog cannot think it is a toy).  Small, thin leashes are easier to hide.

Other Info:

  • We will not have communal food.  Please bring food/water for you and your pups.

  • There will be a Port-A-Potty onsite.

  • We will have an outdoor hand washing station with running water, albeit cold water.  Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • Rain date is scheduled for October 25th.  We will post on Facebook and send an email if we move the date.

We hope you will come out and play with use - We have missed you and your pups!

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