RuFF Agility is following the canine influenza situation very carefully.  We will be moving forward with our trials while continuing to monitor the situation.  

In light of the current canine influenza concerns, we ask the following:  

  • If you and your pups have been to an event where dogs were either diagnosed with the flu or became ill afterward, please stay home for at least 21 days.  RuFF will refund your FULL entry up until the day of the show.

  • Please understand that the trial committee will be watching for signs of sick dogs during the trial.  You will be asked to leave the show site immediately if the committee believes you have a sick dog on the premises.  The committee's decision will be final and no refunds will be given in this case.  Please be responsible in regards your dogs' health and that of others'.  

If you choose to attend the trial, or any other dog event, please:

  • Avoid nose to nose dog interaction

  • Do not share water bowls, toys, or leashes

  • Wash your hands or use anitize frequently (our hands and dog toys can easily transmit the virus

Anytime we travel with our furry teammates, we put them at risk for such things as kennel cough and canine influenza.  Please do your research, speak with your veterinarian, and make the decision that is best for you and your pups.  We all want to see ALL our friends in Bowling Green, but let's be smart and considerate of other exhibitors and their dogs too.

Watch your email for final confimation from the trial secretary for final updates.